Serena Williams said at the worst defeat of the career – I thought I was not a good mother, it also affected my game

Serena Williams Daughter Olympia Family And God Come Before Tennis

– Serena has so far scored 23 Grand Slam titles
– She wins Wimbledon and Australian Open 7-7 times

Washington. America’s star tennis player Serena Williams said that her mother has had an impact on her game. In the first round of Women’s Singles of the Mubadala Silicon Valley Classic Tournament last week, Serena got the biggest defeat of her career. She was defeated by Joanna Konta of Britain 6-1, 6-0 in just 52 minutes. Sh e wrote on his Instagram account that last week was not easy for me. I believe that there were some personal reasons behind this, which also included a fear. I started feeling that I was not a good mother.

Serena wrote, “I read many articles that had been written that after three years there is a feeling of becoming a mother for three years but I feel that I am not doing enough for my child. Most of the mothers are able to overcome this situation, stay at home or work, balance with children is a real art, then you are real heroes. ”

Serena: Former world number one Serena had withdrawn from the WTA tournament starting in Montreal for personal reasons with personal reasons. All the top 10 players in the world are participating in this tournament. It is considered to be a preparatory to the US Open. Tournament director Eugene Lapierrez said that people are frustrated with not being included in Serena.


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