The most classic signs that your computer is infected with a virus or malware

Can’t change the home page of your browser? Are you bombarded with pop-up ads? Most likely, your PC or laptop is infected.

If your computer is infected, it is very likely that it will start to act in the following way. Photo: Parenthesis

When a computer is infected with a virus or malware, Windows users begin to experience quite strange situations, such as that the operating system is too slow, also that the main page of the browser is no longer Google, but another search engine and it is impossible to change it.

Believe it or not, these are the most classic signs that our PC or laptop has just been infected with malicious software. However, they are not the only ones, as there are others that are less well known. Next, we are going to reveal five indicators that something is wrong with your computer.

1. Pop-up ads

If you start receiving lots of pop-up ads (the famous pop-up windows), chances are you’ve accidentally downloaded adware that bombards you with advertising. Be very careful, as some lead you to malicious content sites that will further infect your computer.

2. Strange posts on Facebook

If your Facebook friends tell you why you are sending them viruses through Messenger or sharing posts of dubious origin on your wall, then your PC was infected with malware after having previously entered one of these links shared by one of your contacts.

3. Alarm messages and alerts

Many malware masquerades as antivirus and send false warnings of supposed threats present on your computer. So now you know, avoid downloading software or cracks from unknown pages, since many come with a Trojan. In case you have already been infected, the ideal would be to run a trustworthy anti-malware.

4. System tools are disabled

Some malicious software deactivates system tools without your permission. To verify it, go to Task Manager and try to use them; if you can’t, it was most likely the work of malware.

5. Changed home page

Generally, most people have Google as their home page. However, there are times when certain malware changes to other very similar search engines (but with advertising) and prevents us from changing it. If this happens to you, be very careful and avoid entering passwords from your social networks or bank accounts.

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