Spotify removes support for manipulating the application from Pioneer and JVC-Kenwood devices for cars

It is no longer possible to start your service from the interface of these computers.

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Support for connecting the streaming music application Spotify to Pioneer and JVC-Kenwood branded car devices has been deprecated, so it is no longer possible to start its service from the interface of these devices.

The company has announced via its forum that the app is no longer compatible with car audio head units, but that support for playing audio from mobile devices via Bluetooth or via a USB cable remains.

In this way, users will be able to access their profiles, search for artists, songs or albums and play playlists from the mobile device itself and not from the car’s stereo.

Spotify has thus settled a question raised by one of the moderators of its community, who on February 11 claimed to have received reports from users who claimed to have connectivity problems with their receivers.

Although it did not specify which brands were experiencing these issues, it did indicate that most of the errors were attributable to Pioneer.

It should be remembered that a few weeks ago the streaming music company launched an alternative device to connect the application to the car’s USB drive, with an exclusive interface for its use.

This is Spotify Car Thing, a product that the company is testing and has given to some of the Spotify Premium users that has a touch screen, physical controls and voice recognition, since it is activated after saying ‘Hey, Spotify’.

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