Soon! WhatsApp is working on a feature that would allow administrators to erase messages from chats.

The group administrators of the application will be able to regulate and manage the content posted by its users.

Whatsapp Owned By Meta Prepares New Functions. Shutterstock

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will give group admins greater authority, since it will soon allow them to remove any communication they feel suitable, regardless of who sent it.

The Meta-owned application is testing a new upgrade that is part of the update of the beta programme of Google Play WhatsApp for Android, which will offer administrators of group conversations this management capability.

While WhatsApp has long allowed the ability to remove messages in conversations, administrators cannot presently erase messages sent by group members. But that will change, but it is unclear when he expects to make it available to all customers.

This new technology, which was revealed by the website WABetainfo, implies that if you are moderating a WhatsApp group, you will be able to erase unpleasant or improper messages submitted by chat participants.

When a message is removed, WhatsApp notifies the user that “This was deleted by an administrator” and displays the user’s name. As WABetoinfo points out, this functionality is still in development and is not yet available to end customers.

Currently, WhatsApp users have 4,096 seconds (68 minutes and 16 seconds) after sending a message to remove it. However, it appears that in the future, WhatsApp will be able to allow you to erase any message you have sent at any point in time in the past.

WhatsApp, which has recently added numerous new features and upgrades, has claimed that it is working on group conversations to offer the most error-free experience when it comes.

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