Somfy One: all-in-one alarm system with camera, siren and motion sensor

Somfy All In One

Somfy has introduced a new all-in-one alarm system with HD camera, siren and motion sensor. This is part of a new range of connected security solutions and is the first stand alone alarm system to activate and control through a free app. Below are the key features of the Somfy One in a row:

  • Full-HD video camera with clear-cut image to capture or watch live by day or night;
  • A 90-DB siren: fully integrated and loud enough to deter intruders;
  • Motion Detector: The camera detects when motion is detected;
  • Active privacy shutter: Private life is automatically shielded;
  • Plug & Play system: Active in 10 minutes.


With Somfy One, we focus on consumers who are looking for a Plug & Play alarm system with camera. The small and sleek design of the Somfy One ensures that it fits any interior without notice.

– Raoul Rodenburg, Strategic Marketing Director Somfy
Surveillance camera and alarm functions

This handy device has the benefits of a security camera, but distinguishes itself by offering alarm features with an advanced motion sensor. As soon as the camera detects motion, the alarm goes off, a push message is sent and the camera takes 10 seconds. Additional features are available for longer recording functionality.

Via the app, the user can instantly view the recorded images, watch live photos or take pictures. And via a built-in speaker and microphone it is possible to listen and speak remotely.

And the user’s privacy is also considered as soon as the camera is turned off, the camera shutter closes.



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