New version of Linux Mint arrives with advanced functions for users

Linux Mint seeks to be an attractive alternative for home users.

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New version of Linux Mint arrives with advanced functions for users

Operating systems are a very important part of the computers of all users, it manages the resources of hardware and provides services to software installed.

That is why Linux has released the new update of its operating system, which has become much more stable, fast, and silent. In this note, we will show you the new features of the operating system that seeks to overcome Windows 11.

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Linux Mint Desktop. Photo: Sabotage Magazine

Linux Mint 20.3

This new version brings new tools that provide quick views of frequently opened documents, a green bar at the bottom of each file shows the progress of reading in the respective document, improvements in the appearance of the notes, and the size of the text.

In addition to this, it has a new search function that makes it easier to find notes and the Hypnotix IPTV player also has new updates. In addition, it adds a new search bar that you can find in TV series, series, and movies.

Likewise, the colors of the themes have been improved with the new version and each user will be able to see the welcome screen much better on the desktop

You now have a large selection of three different desktops named Cinnamon, COMPANION, and Xfce, displaying your top search finds.

These designated desks come decorated with icons and support high-resolution displays across the board.

Full Darkmode support is also added, which ensures a very nice look, especially for multimedia applications.

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