Mozilla Firefox manages to evade Windows 11 lock that prevented changing the default browser

Unlike Windows 10, where choosing Chrome, Firefox or another browser is very simple, in Windows 11 it will be somewhat more complicated.

Mozilla Firefox0

Users who are testing the beta version of Windows 11 were very surprised to discover that Bill Gates’ company forces them to use Microsoft Edge since it is quite difficult to change this browser by default.

You may not know it, but in Windows 10 it is very easy to change the default browser to another of our preferences such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc; however, in the new operating system, the steps are somewhat more complex.

As detailed by Computer Hoy, it is not enough to choose a new browser, but now you will have to select the application and associate it with the HTM, HTML, PDF, SHTML, SVG, WEBP, XHT, XHTML, FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS entries.

Mozilla Firefox 11 Windows

Mozilla bypasses the obstacles

Mozilla developers used reverse engineering to avoid these annoying obstacles imposed by Microsoft. In this way, users will be able to opt for Firefox 91 as the main browser in Windows 11 in an instant.

Because it is open-source software, other developers will also be able to use this trick to get their browsers to skip these annoying steps, although Microsoft may prevent it with a patch.

Mozilla Firefox 11

How to switch browsers in Windows 11?

1. Enter the settings and then the applications section.

2. Enter the default applications subsection and you will see a small search box.

3. There you must put HTML. You will notice that Microsoft Edge comes out as the default browser.

4. Before changing it, Windows 11 will show you a box where it will ask you to think carefully about your decision.

5. Once you accept, you will have changed the default browser for HTML files; however, it does not end there.

6. You must repeat the steps for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, PDF files, etc. That is, changing Microsoft Edge for another browser will take a long time.


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