Instagram: how to activate automatic subtitles in videos?


Videos are the biggest protagonists in social networks today and the social network is no exception. The visual appeal caused by this format has led the Meta platform (formerly known as ) to incorporate different ways of enjoying this type of content.

The videos in stories format, the reels and others, are elements that have greatly enriched Instagram, but now more features continue to be added to improve the videos on the platform.

That’s why Instagram has introduced automatic captions on videos, which because it’s a recent release, isn’t available for all languages.

How to Add Captions to Instagram Videos

It is important to clarify that Instagram automatically activates these subtitles in the videos that are published. When viewing any video, these will be displayed directly without having to make any adjustments.

These subtitles are currently shown in videos in English and are not yet shown in others, but presumably, they will also arrive in Spanish, French or German, for example.

This function was specially designed for those who have hearing problems, allowing them to better receive the video information.


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