How to use Tinder? Tricks, tips and everything you need to know about the application

How to use Tinder Tricks tips and everything you need to know about the application
How to use Tinder Tricks tips and everything you need to know about the application

Tinder is an application that allows millions of users an effective communication based on their preferences to make appointments or meetings. How is it used?

In a world where the digital era begins to dominate progressively, Tinder has become very popular in millions of users. This service is a geosocial application; that is, a mobile program designed as tools to allow a user to perform various types of tasks with another person based on their preferences and make appointments. The application was launched in 2012 as a test within a university campus and two years later it was nominated App of the Year in the Premise Enter.Co, with more than 50 million subscribers. How to use Tinder? How does it work? These are some of the frequently asked questions that people ask themselves; therefore, we present some tricks, tips and tips to give you a better use.

Tinder has a user interface that shows in turn an infinity of profiles of other users. If two of them are interested in each other, both are informed and are allowed to start the conversation through the internal chat of the mobile app. It should be noted that, the platform is available in 24 languages ​​and can be downloaded for Android and iOS for free on Google Play and the App Store.


In the digital world there are many dating applications; however, Tinder is a popular service that has great reach in the world and the restriction is free. For this, you require a Facebook account and do not have to face complicated questionnaires about your personality. That is, basic questions such as name and age, gender, what you are looking for, what your tastes or hobbies are. The important thing is to add a profile picture.

In Tinder you can upload up to 6 images, however, it is advised that the main photo is of good quality and you can distinguish well the face of the person, since it will be the first impression for your contacts.


The following tutorial shows you step by step how to use the application to get appointments with a person of your interest. To use Tinder correctly, you must install the application and create an account. Once you are active and familiar with it, you can “match” with other users in a short time.

Create an account

Download the Tinder application. You can download the Tinder application for iPhone in the App Store or for Android in the Google Play Store.

Open Tinder. It is an application with an icon of a white flame in it.

Touch the “login with Facebook” option. This blue button is at the bottom of the screen. You will need the Facebook application and an active Facebook account to create a Tinder account.

Touch the “ok” option when prompted. This will allow Tinder to access your Facebook information. If your Facebook registration information is not stored on your device, you will first have to enter your Facebook email address and password.

Touch the “allow” option when prompted. This will activate the location services for Tinder. For Tinder to work, you must activate the location services.

Determine whether or not you want to receive notifications. Tap either “I want to receive notifications” or choose to touch “Not now”. Once you do this, you will be created a Tinder profile using the information on your Facebook account.

Understand the Tinder interface

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Check the Tinder page. You will see an image in the middle of the page. This is the profile of another Tinder user near you. Look at the buttons at the bottom of the screen. These buttons will allow you to interact with other people’s profiles. From the left to the right, these buttons do the following:

Rewind: touching this yellow arrow will undo the last decision you have made regarding a profile. You must buy a Tinder Plus subscription to do so.
I’m not interested: touch this red icon of an X to reject a profile. You can also slide the screen to the left to perform this action.
Boost: this purple lightning icon will boost your profile’s visibility for 30 minutes. You will receive a free “boost” every month.
I like it: this green heart icon “likes” a profile, which allows you to match the person if she also “liked” your profile. You can also slide the screen to the right to perform this action.
Super like: this function “likes” a profile and alerts the user that you have “liked” their profile. You have 3 free super likes every month. You can also slide the screen up to perform this action.

Check your Tinder messages: To do so, touch the blue chat bubble icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This will load the conversations you have had with your matches.

Change Tinder to social mode: While Tinder is a dating application, pressing the switch in the top center of the screen will change Tinder to a more platonic mode.

Tap the profile icon: This icon has the shape of a person and is in the upper left corner of the screen. By doing so, you will open your profile, where you can configure the options of your profile.

Determine whether or not you want to receive notifications: Tap either “I want to receive notifications” or choose to touch “Not now”. Once you do this, you will be created a Tinder profile using the information on your Facebook account.


Any mobile application presents some risks. More than a year ago began to warn about adult webcam spam, as well as the increase of bots to see that the Android version was released. In Tinder, citizens can offering sessions of video call or webcam for adults asking the user to enter their data that will take him to a malicious website.

Once there, the user is asked to enter their personal information and a credit card to access the webcam session and verify their age.


Linking the Tinder application to the Facebook account has its advantages and disadvantages. This can work as a filter to ensure that the platform profiles are authentic; however, you also expose yourself to a loss of control over your privacy. In this way, there are some tricks to minimize the connection of Tinder with Facebook. In any case, if you are looking to find a partner or date with someone, remember that social networks are by definition the opposite of discretion.


If you do not have a Tinder account, but you are thinking of including yourself in this social network, you have time to avoid the effects of mandatory linking on Facebook. What is the trick or advice? Simple, you just have to create a new Facebook account. It is not a false profile, but a genuine one with the difference that will be available to friends who have in your usual account.

For this you will need a new email address in order to receive the Tinder code and start the registration. It is advisable to use a modified version of your real name; for example, changing the order of the name, surname or a nickname that you remember in some way. With these steps, you can now be a “Tinder without your Facebook”.

After creating a new account, you must log out of your original Facebook on your mobile and re-enter with the new profile. Many users who have made these steps believe that the new account should be temporary, since the social network does not allow the same person to have two profiles.

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  • The first thing is security, after all, if you stay with someone is still an unknown, so try to inform another person, where, when and with whom you are going to leave.
  • Be creative with your messages, do not start with a simple “Hello”, remember that each person receives dozens of messages like this every day.
  • You can publish six photos in Tinder, so take advantage of them, it shows that you lead an interesting life.
    Do not lie, take your time to write, remember that there is no hurry.

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