Google Maps wants to know how full was the subway car in which you have gone up

Google Maps wants to know how full was the subway car in which you have gone up
Google Maps wants to know how full was the subway car in which you have gone up

Google Maps has a complete information on traffic in many cities, but in terms of public transport depends on the information that passes the corresponding agency. According to some users’ reports, now Google would be collecting its own information on public transport .

According to Android Police , some users in Paris, New York, Washington, Tokyo and San Francisco, both on iOS and Android, are seeing a window where Google Maps asks how full the subway was , if it had many available sites or if On the contrary, it was full to the flag.

Google Maps collecting data … by hand
At present, Google Maps already shows related data about the map, such as information about the traffic or the average duration of the visit to a place, as well as how many people are there at the time. Apparently, this type of information will also be extended in the future to public transport .

This is clear after analyzing the screenshots taken by users who have found this new feature in Google Maps, to which to follow a route by train, subway or bus in Google Maps, a window asks them to assess how many sites had available .

The options range from many available sites to canned sardines . At the moment this information is not reused on the map, but it is not difficult to think of possible uses that Google could give you in case of getting users to add this information.

For example, Google Maps in the future could recommend routes in public transport taking into account whether there will be a place to sit or not, or tell you if the bus you are waiting for will go over people and it is worth waiting for the next one.

This novelty has been sighted in both iOS and Android , although it seems to be an isolated test in only some regions and users. Officially it has not been announced, so it is possible that Google prefers to check what can be done with this data before making it official.

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