Google Chrome: update allows you to recover closed pages and brings other new functions

Chrome has just been updated and brings several new features to improve your experience using the browser. Learn more details here.

Google Chrome: update allows you to recover closed pages and brings other new functions

Do not miss it! Google Chrome has been renewed both in its desktop version and in its app for mobile devices with the Android operating system. Among the tools introduced in the update, highlights are tab recovery and smart link copying. Find out more details in this note.

If you use the famous Google browser, you cannot miss this summary of the new functions added to the search software.

On desk

When you enter your Google Chrome browser on your computer or PC, you will probably see a message informing you of the three new improvements that Mountain View has established.

Smart link copying

With this option, you can direct your contacts directly to the section of that interesting article that you were reading. When sharing links, Chrome’s new Copy link to callout option lets you share specific parts of the web pages you’re on. When your recipient opens the link, the website will not open at the top, but in the area you highlighted.

Google 2
Share Specific Parts Of Articles And More. Photo: Google Chrome

Tab Search

Do you have many tabs open and you don’t remember where the one you are looking for is? For this reason, Google has implemented a new tabbed search feature in its browser. In this way, you can find the one you are specifically looking for without having to enter all of them.

Google 1
Find Your Tabs And Never Lose Them Again With This Function. Photo: Google Chrome

New backgrounds and colors

There are new backgrounds and colors on the Chrome page, and you can now access them through the Customize button, located in the lower right corner. If you use multiple profiles, you can choose a different background for each profile.

Google 4
Enjoy The New Color And Background Options. Photo: Google Chrome

On Android

To access this Google Chrome update, you must first make sure that your app does not have any pending updates through the Google Play Store. When you have carried out this process, you will be able to enjoy two important additions.

Eyelash recovery

This feature is meant to help you undo one of the most common browsing mistakes – closing all tabs by accident. Through a single button, Chrome allows you to retrieve all the websites you have entered much faster than before.

Web applications

Google Chrome for Android also added an improvement for the use of progressive web applications; that is, a type of apps that can be used from the browser instead of having to install the APK. Now you can access custom URLs directly and quickly.


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