Google: Android Go arrives to improve low-end cell phones

The lightweight version of Android 12 promises to offer a safer and smoother experience to its users.

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The arrival of the operating system is confirmed for 2022. Photo: hats new

Smartphones with low income are an option that many people who do not need advanced features, use because only small benefits require for their day to day.

Thinking about them, Google announced that in 2022 it will launch Android 12 Go Edition, an operating system that will help to have a more optimal performance in those low-end cell phones.

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All Smartphones, Whether Android Or Iphone, Have This Hole In Their Base. Photo: Andro4All

Based on Android 12, this new variant will offer users a renewed experience, as Google affirms that the dynamics with the team will be faster and safer.

New Features in Android 12 Go Edition

  • It will start the mobile up to 30% faster than the previous version.
  • It will extend the life of your cell phone battery.
  • It will automatically apply hibernation to those applications that are not used for a long period of time.
  • Improve the security section on the smartphone.
  • It will have a privacy panel very similar to the one presented in Android 12.
  • It will make it easier for users to control and monitor all the permissions that apps request to work on the phone.
  • You will have new options to listen and translate the content that is displayed on the screen.
  • It will allow sharing applications with other devices that are close to the cell phone.
  • It will include a new “guest” mode that you can access from the lock screen.

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