Gmail: Google will force you to use your cell phone to log into your account

Two-step verification will be mandatory for all Gmail users on Android, iOS, and the desktop version. Since when? In the next note we will tell you

Gmail: Google will force you to use your cell phone to log into your account

Google knows that, in the wake of the pandemic, Gmail has become a fundamental tool for millions of people who use the email service to send or receive important information that is related to their work, study center, or financial institution. In this sense, the big G is constantly developing to add new functions that improve the security and privacy of the platform.

However, Google will implement a drastic change in Gmail from November 9, 2021. All users using the email service, whether on Android, iOS or the desktop version, will need a mobile phone to log in.

Already in May of this year, the big G had announced that soon the verification in two steps would be mandatory for everyone before the end of the year, although the specific date on which this change was going to be established in Gmail was not known. Google is already sending emails and messages about the implementation of the aforementioned measure since November 9.

The message that is reaching Gmail users is the following: “after entering the password, you will have to complete a second step on the mobile. Have your Smartphone close by when you go to log in. Two-step verification will be activated automatically from November 9. If you wish, you can now activate the feature”.

How to activate two-step verification?

The best way to protect your email is through two-step authentication or verification. To activate it follow these steps:

  • From your PC enter your Google account
  • In the navigation panel go to Security
  • In the part where it says “Sign in to Google”, select Two-Step Verification and Get Started
  • Then, you just have to follow the steps that they indicate.

Once you have activated the two-step verification tool, you will receive a code via SMS on your cell phone to log into your Gmail account.

Gmail: how to remove subscription and advertising emails?

It is common for users to receive emails of all kinds during the day in their Gmail inbox. Among the messages are those that interest us due to their relationship with our work centers or their academic nature and we also find emails whose content is advertising.

In Gmail, it is very easy to fall and subscribe to dozens of brand promotions almost without realizing it. If you buy something online and enter your details for the purchase, the brand gets your email to send you mass advertising messages. Fortunately, there is a secret trick that can help us prevent our inbox from filling up with these types of messages.

Gmail: how to activate dark mode on Android, iOS, and their web version?

Like other Google applications, such as YouTube and Google Maps, Gmail is also one of the services that allow its users to activate the demanded dark mode. However, most people do not know how you can do it on your Android phone, iOS, or from the computer.

In this sense, you should know that changing the Gmail theme settings to view messages on your mobile device more easily, will also allow you to extend the battery life. Therefore, we are going to explain how to activate the dark mode in Gmail.

Gmail: so you can know if they read the email you sent

If you frequently send emails through Gmail and would like to verify that the other person has already reviewed them, there are a number of simple methods that will allow you to find out this information easily.

The email service of Google has a native tool that lets you know whether the recipient has read the email you have sent. You will find the notifications of reading your messages in your inbox.


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