Gmail: free up your space in your email inbox quickly

Do you want to prevent your Gmail account from running out of storage? We show you how to find the largest messages to delete them instantly.

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You can clean your email account from your cell phone, tablet or computer. Photo: composition / The Republic

Don’t run out of space! Although Gmail makes it possible to send all types of files via email, each of the messages sent and received end up occupying considerable space in our account, especially when they include large content.

Since the service only provides 15GB of free space per account, which is shared across the Google Photos and Google Drive platforms, your inbox storage is likely to run out in no time.

How to find heavy emails in Gmail?

  1. Access your Gmail account from a computer or mobile device.
  2. Go to the search box located at the top of the page.
  3. Write the commands size: 10M or larger: 10M (you can substitute the number for a larger or smaller quantity).
  4. Select all the emails you want to discard.
  5. Click on the trash can icon at the top to delete the messages.

If you use the web version of Gmail, you can further customize your search with the different filters offered by the platform. For example, setting keywords, a specific sender or recipient, a particular date range, whether or not it has attachments, and more.

After deleting all the larger emails from your inbox, the next step is to go to the trash and discard all items. Doing this is extremely important to complete the process of freeing up space on your account.

Although the heaviest messages are no longer in your main Gmail tray, they will continue to take up considerable space in your storage while they remain in the recycle bin (they are only automatically deleted after 30 days).


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