Far Cry 3 is free on the Ubisoft Store for a limited period, here’s a claim guide on PC


Who is not tempted by free games ? The good news is that Ubisoft recently distributed the  game  Far Cry 3 for free through the Ubisoft Store

Far Cry 3 is the 3rd sequel to the  franchise  that carries the first person shooter (FPS) genre . Presents a wide enough environment to explore, wrapped with an interesting story to follow.

Players will explore tropical islands, fighting enemies and wild animals that often attack.

Although not   a new game, Far Cry 3 can complete your collection. To get the  game  on PC is quite easy, all you need to do is claim it through the Ubisoft Store.

Here’s a guide to claiming Far Cry 3 on the Ubisoft Store, see more below.

Free Far Cry 3 claim guide on Ubisoft Store via PC

Before claiming Far Cry 3 on the Ubisoft Store, make sure you have or registered for a Ubsoft account. After that, you can follow these steps:

  • Login  with your Ubisoft account via the official Ubisoft Store website via a browser
  • Visit the   following link to claim Far Cry 3
  • Hit  GET IT FOR FREE to claim Far Cry 3 on Ubisoft Store
  • If successful, a notification will appear asking you to  download the Ubisoft Store launcher . When it is installed, select  LAUNCH UBISOFT CONNECT FOR PC
  • Finally, login via Ubisoft Connect which was just downloaded, then activate Far Cry 3 in the  library .
  • Safe! Far Cry 3 has been added to  your library collection on Ubisoft Connect.


After successfully claiming and activating Far Cry 3 on Ubisoft Connect, you must download  the game data in order to play it.

Don’t miss it, the deadline for claiming Far Cry 3 on the Ubisoft Store will end on September 11, 2021 at 08.30 local time. Come on, claim now!


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