Do you want to buy products on AliExpress, but don’t know how? Learn more about it here!

AliExpress has many products at very affordable prices. How to register and buy in this virtual store? We teach you.

Ali Express
Do you want to buy products on AliExpress, but don't know how? Learn more about it here!

Founded in 2010 by Jack Ma, AliExpress has become one of the leading online sales platforms today, allowing you to purchase products from small Chinese companies (and other countries) at relatively affordable prices. Do you want to know how to buy in this virtual store? Here we are going to teach you.

Although the Chinese platform (which is owned by Alibaba Group) has a desktop version to visit from any computer, it also has an application for mobile devices (Android or iOS). However, before you start using it, you will need to register.

How to register on AliExpress?

  1. Enter the official AliExpress page in Spanish
  2. Go to the ‘ My account ‘ button and choose ‘ Sign up ‘
  3. A small box will appear, where you can choose your country, email, and password
  4. It is also possible to create a quick account with Google, Facebook, or Twitter
  5. Once you have created your account, you will need to set up your account.

How to set up your AliExpress account?

  1. Enter your account settings. You will see that on the left side there are several sections
  2. We recommend you fill in the sections personal data, security information, and ‘Shipping address’
  3. When you have put all your details into your account, you can start looking for articles that you like.

How to buy on AliExpress?

  1. In the search engine write a word. For example Saint Seiya Myth Cloth, Marvel Legends, etc.
  2. You will see countless results that you can filter by price (lowest to highest), number of items sold, etc.
  3. Once you locate an item, we recommend that you read the product description carefully, as they can be originals or replicas.
  4. Another recommendation is to check the amount of sales and reputation that seller has. That way, you avoid falling for a scam.
  5. When you have solved all your doubts, you can press the ‘ buy ‘ or ‘ add to cart ‘ button to continue seeing more things before paying for them.

What are the payment methods on AliExpress?

  1. When you give the item to buy, two options will appear: shipping information (which you should have already filled out) and Payment methods.
  2. The latter is the one that interests us, since it will allow us to enter our credit/debit card data, which can be Visa, Mastercard, among others. If you have a WebMoney account, you can also use it.
  3. That would be all. When your card information has been validated, the purchase will have been made successfully.

What to do if the product does not arrive?

If the product does not arrive or what they sent you is not what you asked for, you can start a dispute to get your money back. Remember that AliExpress is like an intermediary that will keep the payment in a kind of limbo until it gets the approval of the buyer.


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