Discover 5 signs that would indicate that your SSD is failing and you should replace it

If you consider that your SSD is not in good condition, you can find here some indications to think about changing it.

Discover 5 signs that would indicate that your SSD is failing and you should replace it

The SSD are popular in the technology category for being faster and consume less power than hard drives. However, the truth is that there are times when they do not last as long as they are estimated, so they begin to have failure symptoms that reveal that not everything is going as it should. Therefore, so that you can be prepared for any inconvenience, it is necessary to know how to identify the problem.

The SSD is a type of storage unit that uses flash memory to store information, in the style of USB drives, but that access is done by digital means. For this reason, solid state drives (SSD) are very fast, because they do not need to search for data on a rotating disk as it happens with traditional hard drives.

The advantage of SSDs over hard drives is the speed when reading any type of data because it is almost instantaneous. They also stand out because their energy consumption is lower and their useful life is longer.

Failure signs

Bad blocks

Because of this, it may be the case that the device tries to read or save something, but after a while, it turns out that it gives a failure and does not finish the task. In those situations, when a block is bad, it usually indicates the following:

  • A file cannot be read or written.
  • A specific application freezes on launch and often crashes.
  • When we try to move files, we continually get errors.
  • The reading and operation of files is slower.

File error

It happens when the system detects that the block is malfunctioning while it is writing and refuses to write data to that space. If that happens, the data should be saved to another location, restarting the computer and trying again.

It also happens that the system detects it after writing, which will make it no longer read that block. This error causes the loss of block information.

File system needs to be repaired

If a blue screen appears in which an error appears when turning on the computer, the system probably did not shut down properly when we turned off the PC and the bad blocks affect the boot or that there is a problem in the connector port.

In any case, it is recommended to make a backup copy periodically to prevent any type of loss in the recovery of this data.

Continuous startup failures

If when you turn on your computer you have an error, but then it works without problems, it may mean that the SSD is running low. To do this, a diagnostic tool must be run to check if everything works fine. If not, your best bet is to make a backup of the SSD, then try formatting and reinstalling Windows.

The disk is read-only

Although it can be a rare error, it is the case that the disk only allows reading it and does not allow any type of file to be saved. That will mean that the drive is no longer useful, so it is necessary to format it and see if it is fixed.

In the same way, it should be specified that it can still read so that all the data that is needed can be recovered. From there, you can think about formatting it and testing if it works again or mobilizing the data on a new SSD.

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