Did you know that using pacifier headphones at maximum volume is not advised?

Pacifier hearing aids are popular, but they are not recommended by experts. Why? We’ll tell you about it right here.


Are you making use of them? Pacifier hearing aids are very popular among users because they are typically inexpensive and quite comfortable. The issue with these headphones is that if they are used incorrectly, they can cause a problem that affects your health. You must read this publication if you purchased some to listen to your favorite music. We will discuss its dangers in this section.

Hearing loss is a very common problem that affects people between the ages of 60 and 65; however, in recent years, younger people have been affected, primarily due to the improper use of hearing aids.

According to Mara José Lavilla, an otolaryngology specialist, the insertion of headphones is the most dangerous because “they bring the sound very close to the eardrum and can more easily cause damage to the hearing function.”

“When they are inserted into the external auditory canal, they reduce their volume and thus increase the sound pressure level,” explained the expert, who also suggested using headband headphones that rest on the pinna of the ear or completely cover.

“They are the most beneficial for our hearing health because they isolate outside sound, completely cover the earlobe, and thus such a high volume is not required in noisy environments,” he explained.

It is important to note that no matter what type of hearing aids you have, you must use them responsibly. If you use them to listen to music, make sure the volume does not exceed 65 decibels, or you may develop hearing problems in the future.

Similarly, because pacifier hearing aids tend to fill with earwax, it is recommended that you clean them on a regular basis. You can use a wet swab with a little alcohol to remove all of the bacteria that have adhered to the surface.

Can you use your smartphone while it’s charging? Find out the answer right here.

Many people are afraid to use their smartphone while the battery is charging for fear of the phone exploding or receiving an electric shock.

This is because many rumors about this practice have been circulating on social media, with some even claiming that it reduces battery life. What is the truth behind these myths? We’ll go over everything in detail here.

According to the BBC, there are numerous stories of people who were electrocuted and now serve as examples. Ma Ailun, a young Chinese national who died while answering a phone call while her phone was charging, is one of them.

Why is charging your smartphone in bed not a good idea?

The smartphone is an important component today because many people use it to communicate with family and friends. It can also be used as a platform to view multimedia content or even send emails or perform other tasks.

However, this creates bad habits in users who do not give up their phones. As a modern device, it is with us at all times, even when we sleep.

As a result, people frequently make the mistake of charging their smartphones in bed, unaware of the danger to which they are exposing themselves.

Tips to clean and disinfect your phone safely

Currently, a smartphone, whether iOS or Android, is an essential part of millions of people’s daily lives, as they use it to distract themselves or work during the coronavirus quarantine. As a result, the hygiene of this equipment is critical in order to avoid any type of disease. Learn about the different types and how to clean and disinfect your phone safely.

Many of us own an Android or iOS smartphone, which has proven to be an invaluable ally during this coronavirus quarantine.

As a result, it is prudent to keep our phones clean in order to avoid disease transmission. Learn how to properly clean and disinfect your equipment by following these simple guidelines.

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