Creating custom stickers is now easier than ever on WhatsApp Web – learn how to do it

The latest update of WhatsApp Web provides a complete and simple sticker creator for desktop.

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Creating custom stickers is now easier than ever on WhatsApp Web - learn how to do it

What everyone expected. Although WhatsApp provides a large number of emojis so that users can express themselves in a thousand different ways, one of the most recent and popular features of the platform has been the inclusion of stickers. It is not surprising that the favorite stickers of every user are the personalized ones and that many seek to save or recover them when they change devices because of how important they are for their colloquial language.

There is not much science behind the stickers of WhatsApp that can be made from any static or animated image and the ability to create self has always been an excuse to unleash creativity, and even inside jokes among circles of friends. Who has not created a sticker with that shameful photo of our adolescence?

Create stickers, the new WhatsApp Web button

Well, now things are about to get easier for the most creative minds. It turns out that WhatsApp Web, the popular platform for the application’s desktop, has just released a new function that will allow you to create stickers quickly and easily without having to resort to any other platform or external environment. Everything will be possible from the chat itself.

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Creating Custom Stickers Is Now Easier Than Ever On Whatsapp Web: How To Do It?

The WABetaInfo portal, specialized in app leaks, points out that WhatsApp Web beta 2.2147.4 includes this new tool. It adds a new button in the stickers panel called “Create sticker“. When pressed, it displays a side window with a small bit editor that allows different actions on top of an image such as drawing, sizing, adding text.

The result will automatically become a sticker that you can share with your friends. It is, as you can see, an agile and simple way to create these custom designs on the desktop platform so that you can do it with a mouse and keyboard.

How to test the version to create custom WhatsApp Web stickers

This new functionality is available at the last beta of WhatsApp (version 2.2147.4) and eventually reaches the base version. If you want to try it now, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp and tap on the more options icon.
  • Click on Linked devices.
  • Tap on Beta for multiple devices.


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