Android: 4 free applications that you can download for a limited time on your cell phone

Are you an Android user? Check out this list so you can take advantage of these four apps without paying anything.

Android: 4 free applications that you can download for a limited time on your cell phone

The smartphone today have many features for users. The uses that are mainly given to them are as a work tool, portable video game console, and entertainment medium in general.

If you are looking for interesting and free games or apps in the Google Play Store, we provide you with a list of the best options available.


1) Image to Text OCR

Android 2 C 1
The First Option To Download. Photo: Google Play Store

Developed by Tiger Apps Mobile, this tool was designed to convert photos and any image in general into text, so it is very attractive for all users who need to pass information quickly.

2) Epic Heroes War

A real-time strategy video game, where the movement is lateral and consists of overcoming different battles to level up.

3) Shadow of Death: Dark Knight

An action game in which the protagonist is a murderer who has to eliminate different enemies in order to overcome different levels.

4) Defender Battle Premium

A perfect combination between a war game and an RPG. You must build your army of soldiers to fight in battles. You can also control a hero to fight in battles and achieve victory. You will use strategies such as recruiting elven warriors, summoning reinforcements, commanding your troops, and facing legendary monsters.

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