The non-league club Radcliffe has issued an apology for its “misstep” in acquiring David Goodwillie

David Goodwillie
David Goodwillie

Radcliffe FC, of the non-league Northern Premier League, has released former Scotland international and striker David Goodwillie after acknowledging they made a “mistake” in signing him.

A civil court judge found Goodwillie and his ex-Dundee United teammate David Robertson guilty of raping a lady in 2011 and awarded her £100,000 in damages. It was determined by the Crown Office that there was insufficient evidence to press charges against Goodwillie or Robertson, hence no such action was taken. His story is that all sexual activity was voluntary.

New Clyde chairman backs David Goodwillie signing - BBC News

Goodwillie’s signing with Radcliffe, a team situated in Greater Manchester that competes in English football‘s seventh division, went unannounced, but the striker was included in the starting lineup for Tuesday’s match against Belper Town and ended up scoring a hat trick in the club’s 4-2 victory.

However, the inclusion of Goodwillie’s name on the squad sheet was met with widespread backlash on Twitter. The club said the signing occurred “extremely swiftly,” but they were unable to comment on the terms of the agreement before Goodwillie made his debut on Tuesday.

Signing of rapist footballer David Goodwillie will go down as a spectacular own-goal for Clyde – The Scottish Sun | The Scottish Sun


It was a mistake, according to Radcliffe, to hire him. Northern Premier League’s Radcliffe confirmed in a statement that David Goodwillie had indeed left the club. The club has always given people a chance to better themselves and has helped numerous players and employees on their road to recovery.

The similar reasoning was used when David Goodwillie was presented to the club, but in hindsight, it’s evident it was a huge mistake and that our due research should have been far more thorough.

David Goodwillie axed by Radcliffe as non-league club admit 'significant misstep' over controversial striker - Football Scotland


As a rapidly expanding social club, we are well aware that our effects are felt well beyond the immediate neighborhood. This was the last straw. This is an error that will never be repeated, and we deeply apologize to everyone associated with the club and the Community.

The 33-year-old has three caps for Scotland and played in a trial game with Livingston United in November. Livingston United plays in the ninth level of Scottish football. He was a player for multiple teams, including Dundee United, Blackburn Rovers, and Aberdeen. When he played for Raith Rovers in September 2022, the club’s fans reacted angrily.

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