Gerard Piqué challenges the Civil Guard to visit and act against Intereconomía

The central Barça retuitea video in which a presenter encourages the leader of North Korea to shoot a missile against Barcelona

He had just finished playing his match at the Camp Nou against Eibar. He had to be sweaty, happy with the Messi-led rout, when Gerard Piqué picked up his cell phone and saw a Twitter clip that twisted his face and disgusted him. In it he sees an Intereconomía presenter wanting to pass by gracefully urging the North Korean leader to launch one of his missiles over Barcelona. “You’re not going to visit them, are you?” Wrote the Catalan player in a message to the Guardia Civil. A message from the moment it was sent.

It is already known that the visits of the civil guards to printing presses and newsrooms are raising blisters in a prominent part of Catalan society, particularly the independentista, visits designed to obstruct to the maximum the announced and prohibited referendum of 1-O .

In the video of Intereconomía, a presenter recites more or less seriously the scope of the North Korean armament, that according to indicates can arrive until territory of Europe and in concrete until Barcelona. And that’s when your roommate comes upstairs. He chops his eyes first. And when he hears the name of the Catalan capital and can be target of the Pyongyang rockets, he is enthusiastic. “Barcelona? There are no eggs Kim. Shoot, we all win. The red button, Kim, the one you have on your right, come”. Is that humor more or less macarra or is it an instigation to hatred and violence, as Piqué interprets?

It is not known, for the time being, that no commander of the Civil Guard took any action in the matter in the way promoted by the Catalan footballer.

What do you think?

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