Dance in the goal of the Betis to Madrid: more than 40 touches and 22 passes

Dance in the goal of the Betis to Madrid more than 40 touches and 22 passes
Dance in the goal of the Betis to Madrid more than 40 touches and 22 passes

The normal thing would have been that at that time of the match, in the 94th minute, to one of which the added time was consumed, what remained would have been played in the Betis field, with the Madrid overturned in search of the goal gave his first victory in the League like local after two consecutive draws. Nor would it have been anything strange that the white defense had been caught in resignation in a counterattack of last hour that left the madridistas with the morale by the floors.

What did not fit into the normal parameters of a meeting like that of Wednesday at the Bernabeu is that Betis would wear the Barça outfit of the best times of Guardiola or Madrid itself, which in the first day of League gave 44 touches so that Casemiro finished scoring the second of the white rout at Riazor (0-3), the best sequence of passes since the 2005-06 season.

Well, the Betis also gave more than 40 touches (44) and a total of 22 passes so that Sanabria head to goal the final pass of Barragán from the right and the Andalusian set will take a win of bells of the Bernabeu, something that not happened since 1998, when Finidi also left Madrid frozen in his stadium.

The sequence began after a spectacular popcorn of Adam to stop a header of Borja Mayoral. The exportero Real Madrid, very criticized by a serious mistake with the foot to take a long ball that cost a goal against Villarreal 13 days ago, did not raffle against Madrid nor a ball. Also in that minute 94. He took the ball, which passed through the feet of Javi Garcia, Guardado, Barragán, Boudebouz, Sanabria, Boudebouz, Guardado, Feddal, Tello, Durmisi, Joaquín, Javi García, Guardado, Durmisi, Joaquín. and Tello to Barragán, who, completely alone, could comfortably tune Sergio Ramos’ pass to the back so Paraguayan Sanabria banged his head to beat Navas without anyone bothering him.

The central Mandi was the only Betic player who did not touch the ball in a play of more than a minute, which took place without any white player coming to put his foot to try to snatch the ball to the bees. Especially striking was that Tello could sneak in from outside in the wide hallway that left him five Madrid players to give the penultimate opening pass to Barragán.

Proposal of Setién

A play ‘made in Setién’, so it is not surprising that the Cantabrian coach kicks off at the end of the game. “It means a lot, it’s a huge reinforcement to the proposal we have, it gives us a tremendous boost in confidence, I feel great satisfaction for the players and for the fans, I think this for this club is very important. , but they are prestigious. They know differently, “said the Betis coach.

Dance in the goal of the Betis to Madrid: more than 40 touches and 22 passes
Zidane, with face of circumstances, while Setién with his bench the goal of Sanabria / GONZALO ARROYO (GETTY IMAGES)

After the match, Zinedine Zidane tried to convey a message that did not denote distrust in the chances of the white team to overcome after an unexpected start to the championship, despite the fact that Madrid has remained virtually without margin of error. He also maintained in the press room the composure that did not show any more after finishing the game, when he hurried to the dressing room without even looking at his colleague. “Zidane was affected, he did not give the time or give me the hand, I’m sure he was not for many jokes at that moment,” said Quique Setién, who later described the coach’s attitude as “a minor anecdote.”


“I do not think there’s any reason to be worried, it’s football, we were going to have a great game in San Sebastian and the next we’ll try again … The League is very long and we’re going to have peace of mind inside the group because we’re going to raise and sure that we will have better days, “said the white coach, highly criticized for the substitutions of Modric and Isco in the second half. The captain, Sergio Ramos, had no problem contradicting him. At least in regard to the concern factor after letting out seven points from the Bernabeu in the first three games as local.

“It’s a fucking start, it’s to worry about.” Now we talk about anxiety, as when we go back we are talking about comebacks, it’s a little advantageous, “said the central defender, who this time did not deprive himself of sending a message to Mateu Lahoz: much more complicated pitting a penalty to Madrid than other teams. “

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