Who is Mia Khalifa and what does she currently do?

Mia Khalifa is the name that sounds strong on the internet and social networks, that is why we let you know shocking details of her life.


Currently, Sarah Joe Chamoun, better known as Mía Khalifa , is an influencer of Lebanese origin, who has devoted herself to social media content, especially on Instagram, however, she is most remembered for her time in the world of the pornography.

However, Mía Khalifa, who is of Lebanese descent , is also a successful businesswoman who was at one time a sportscaster. Currently 28 years old, she seeks to raise awareness in society about gender violence as well as denormalize the consumption of pornographic content around the world. 

On Twitter she has 3.6 million followers , while on Instagram the number exceeds 23 million and with the appearance of TikTok, she uploads dances, challenges and recordings with her pets, but Mia Khalifa has also exposed the men who abused her .

The porn star has been married twice , her current husband is chef Robert Sandberg, who stays away from the media issue and who has won the title “Worldchefs Hans Bueschkens Young Chef” in 2016.

It is known that her first marriage was when she was 18 years old, and although her name is unknown, it is known that her last name is O’Brien since from that moment Mia Khalifa adopted the real name of Sarah Joe O’Brien .

Her brief career in the porn industry

Who is Mia Khalifa and what does she currently do?

With 21 years and only three months as a porn actress, Mia Khalifa, became one of the most sought-after actresses on the internet , but you knew that this stage cost her even being threatened with death.

The now influencer has confessed that her popularity and success rose rapidly which even got out of control so she decided to resign due to the violence, humiliation and mistreatment she experienced while working as a porn actress, revealing the cruelties of the industry.

The porn ex-actress has confessed that she thought it could be her little secret and that no one close to her would find out, but her fame exploded with the sex video in which she appears wearing a hijab, which is why she even received numerous death threats. 

The worst thing, which according to Mia Khalifa confesses is that despite being the number one porn star, she never received royalties or financial compensation for the monetary income left by her videos. 

In 2018, through Instagram he said that entering the porn industry was one of the biggest mistakes he has made and he regrets.

“There is nothing to reconsider. A mistake I made when I was 21 almost ruined my life and thankfully I have been able to pick up the pieces and move on. I don’t make the same mistakes twice, ”she wrote.

In fact, actress Mia Khalifa confessed that the relationship she has with her family is currently broken , this because pornography was a stage that embarrassed her relatives. But at the same time, she says that she is very happy with her current husband, with whom she rebuilt her life

What illness does Mia Khalifa have?

Who is Mia Khalifa and what does she currently do?

Mía Khalifa has suffered from the disease called hyperhidrosis since 2017 , a disease that causes excessive sweating, however, the Lebanese businesswoman has been in treatment for a long time and regarding this she said:

“My hyperhidrosis was so serious that not only was the heat sweating, I could be frozen and still sweat.”

Hyperhidrosis is caused by a hereditary component and it happens that the nerves activate the function of the sweat glands at any time, but in the case of the influencer he detected these signs in time and began her treatment.

In addition to this, the porn ex-actress began to worry her followers who point out that after losing a six-month pregnancy she fell into depression, which led her to focus on the same exercises that have caused a great change in Mía Khalifa’s body.

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