Mia Khalifa Pregnant with Robert Sandberg Child ?

Netizen’s just took a U-turn after previous XXX porno star Mia Khalifa a sports podcaster and Influencer said she was not pregnant. The hot Mia Khalifa excused bits of gossip about her pregnancy after she and her hubby-to-be, Robert Sandberg deferred their wedding forward by one year, in way Stopping pregnancy rumors and Gossip around it

Mia Khalifa Pregnant
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The actress shared a video with her boyfriend Robert Sandberg on Instagram and the rumors of her being pregnant were revived

The news has left her fans in shock! Mia Khalifa is more in love than ever, with the owner of her heart who is a renowned international chef named Robert Sandberg, the love she feels is seen through her videos and photography that they both upload on their social media handles.

The courtship of the porn star has led more than one fan to speculate if Sandberg is the one who will take her to the altar or with whom she will have children some day.

A couple of days ago mia khalifa as a kid shared a hot video on Instagram with her partner in which both are seen in robe and on the bed resting with each other.

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There was another clip a few days ago that has drawn attention in which the sports commentator touches the butt of the chef while both were cooking something for themselves.

Mia Khalifa 5

Know for the the question which everyone is looking for answers too!!!! Is Mia Khalifa Pregnant or is she planning her pregnancy or planning for a son / daughter with her Boyfriend

Due to these signs of affection seen on their social media handles between Mia and Robert, the staunch supporters of the adult film actress think that she is ready to be pregnant and give birth to a baby and she might be actually right about the though as comments on their Instagram handle usually say the same.

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In one of  the comments at the bottom of her publications on Instagram, there are  comments almost on a  daily on whether she “thinks of having children / kids  with the cook” or “is in the sweet wait”.

For now, the Mia Khalifa has not spoken about it, but she continues to publish all the activities she does inside and outside the home with the love of her life aka Robert Sandberg

As it is remembered a couple of weeks ago, this viral video started circulating, which was shared by Mia Khalifa herself on Instagram (where she has more than 10 million followers), but it was edited by her fans as a parody.

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