Her Spanish is perfect! Mia Khalifa surprises singing Bad Bunny song

Actress Mia Khalifa made an impact by sharing a video in which she sings “Dákiti” by Bad Bunny in quite fluent Spanish

mia khalifa
mia khalifa

Latin music already crosses borders and more and more people from other countries are approaching genres such as reggaeton.

Such was the case of the most famous Lebanese Mia Khalifa , who proved to be the number one fan of “Dákiti”, the theme of Bad Bunny with Jhay Cortez, in a video singing the piece in perfect Spanish, which is already a success in social media.

” Making sure my Spanish is ready for the Bad Bunny concert next year … if I get tickets,” he wrote in his TikTok description .



It was thus that in moments many of the users of the networks were surprised to see the progress of the former porn actress with the language that generated, in addition to good comments, millions of reproductions to see her sing at the top of her lungs the song of the exponent of urban music.

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