The closure of a Formula 1 game in NFT raises all kinds of doubts

F1 Delta Time, the first Formula 1 game on NFT, based on Ethereum, closed after three years of life. What was the reason?

F1 Delta Time, the first NFT-based Formula 1 game, closed on March 16, its developer, Animoca Brands, announced. And from there, all sorts of concerns arise about non-fungible tokens.

It was only three years old, and now the tokens have lost almost all their value.

According to Animoca, the reason for the closure is that the game lost the official license of Formula 1. The developer indicated at that time: “It is with deep regret that we announce that F1 Delta Time will cease operations on March 16, 2022″.

However, few were aware of the situation, despite having enormous popularity when it came out in 2019.

The Hong Kong-based company recalls that F1 Delta Time featured the most expensive NFT to date, in 2019: the non-fungible token of a jewel-encrusted car called 1-1-1, for which more than 100 were paid. thousand dollars in the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

There have been many other notable milestones in the three-year history of F1 Delta Time, but enough hindsight for now. “We are deeply grateful to our community for supporting this groundbreaking blockchain project, and we make sure you don’t walk off the race track empty-handed.”

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There have been many other notable milestones in the three-year history of F1 Delta Time.

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