Moon Knight: Marvel launches the spectacular Funko of the character played by Oscar Isaac

Moon Knight, the new Marvel and Disney Plus series, already has its Funko Pop!, with a spectacular design. When it goes on sale?

Marvel this week released the Funko Pop! of Moon Knight, the character played by Oscar Isaac in the new Disney Plus series.

Although he made the official presentation, it will not be on sale until next July, according to Digital Spy.

The Funko is of the knight throwing a flying kick, with his white suit and cape, plus his rolling eyes. Special for collectors and fans not only of the character but of Marvel in general.

Its value is 11.99 dollars, and it is expected that, with the course of the series (there are six episodes in total), more characters will be revealed. You can get more information on how to buy it on the official Funko page.

Marvel also unveiled the Pocket Pop, a keychain version of Moon Knight, priced at $4.99. Like the Funko Pop!, it will also go on sale next July.

Funko also released The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Loki collectible dolls, among another hit Disney Plus series.

Moon Knight: every Wednesday, a new episode on Disney Plus

Moon Knight, the new Disney Plus series, premiered on March 30 and already has two episodes, available every Wednesday on the platform.

Created by Jeremy Slater and directed by Mohamed Diab (head of the directing team), Moon Knight is played by the Guatemalan-born actor Oscar Isaac.

Its screenplay is written by Michael Kastelein, Beau DeMayo, Peter Cameron, Sabir Pirzada, Alex Meenehan, Rebecca Kirsch, Matthew Orton, and Danielle Iman.

In addition to Isaac (who also plays Marc Spector / Steven Grant and Mr. Knight), stand out in the performances Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow; May Calamawy as Layla El-Faouly; and Karim El-Hakim and F. Murray Abraham as the god Khonshu.

Each episode has a duration of 40-50 minutes, and as part of phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues with the exploration of the mystical powers of the character. Its closure is expected for next May 4, when the concern about its next destination will begin.


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