Swedish Radio and the Christian Democrats will have a meeting after the misquotations

The Christian Democrats and Swedish Radio will have a meeting after SR’s incorrectly reproduced quotes by KD leader Ebba Busch. It reports SR.

Swedish Radio And The Christian Democrats
Swedish Radio and the Christian Democrats

Claes Bertilsson, press manager at Swedish Radio, says that the meeting will be held tomorrow, Wednesday and that it will take place at the “official level”. According to SR, it must be a representative of the radio’s CEO unit who will meet with KD. According to Claes Bertilsson, the meeting is not linked to the publishing activities, but it is still unclear exactly what the agenda is.

KD has demanded a meeting, but it has previously been rejected by SR.

It was after the Easter riots that Ebba Busch in Ekot’s Saturday interview asked the rhetorical question: “Why do we not have at least a hundred injured Islamists, a hundred injured criminals, a hundred injured insurgents?”

In a news article from SR’s Arab editorial staff, “Islamists” were translated into “Muslims”, as Dagens Nyheter first reported. The site Doku also revealed that SR’s Somali editorial staff distorted Busch’s statement – and twisted the quote further.

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