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Census 2022: how to complete the digital census

The new modality to answer the statistical survey questionnaire consists of a short procedure that does not avoid the visit of the INDEC envoy, but it does greatly speed up the process


Since March 16, the digital version of the Census has been available, which allows the questionnaire to be answered remotely. This is a novelty in the history of statistical surveys in our country and consists of a short procedure that speeds up the work of the census taker and saves time on May 18, a day reserved for the event coordinated by the INDEC (National Statistics Institute and Census).

To access the digital survey, you simply have to enter the official Census page and, after that, follow a few steps. The option will be available until May 18 at 8 in the morning, at which time the census will begin in person, which is why that day will be a holiday.

On the official page of the Census, you have to select the blue button that says “Digital Census”. The first step to being able to answer the questions is to obtain the Single Housing Code, which certifies the home of the person who wants to complete the questionnaire. To obtain this alphanumeric sequence it is necessary to provide the DNI and date of birth data. As reported by the agency, this information will be used to verify that the person is real and older than 14 years; therefore, once that is done, the questionnaire can be completed.

The questions will be the same 61 that the people who choose the face-to-face option will answer. But in the Virtual Census, the page interface allows you to edit the answers and correct the information in case of an eventual error. It is important to review all the data before sending the questionnaire because, once it is sent completely, it cannot be changed.

As in each edition, new questions are added to the list of questions that the State poses to its citizens. Before the consultation of LA NACION, INDEC sources highlighted as a novel the incorporation of several questions that are related to three topics in particular: the self-perception of gender identity, ethnic self-recognition, and the “difficulties” or “limitations” that they may have. household members to perform different activities. In this way, the final questionnaire of the 2022 National Census of Population, Households, and Housing is made up of 61 questions: 24 related to the characteristics of the dwelling and the household, and 37 to the population.

Once the Census is completed and submitted, the person will receive the completion code.

It is important to remember that answering the questions by computer does not exempt people from receiving the census taker on Wednesday the 18th. In any case, in the cases of people who have responded remotely, the meeting with the Census representative will be brief since he will leave quickly when hearing the verification code that INDEC gives to those who send the digital questionnaire.

In the event that the person cannot be present on the day of the Census, they can deliver the code to a neighbor (or a doorman in the case of the building) so that they can deliver it to the Index representative on the day of the statistical survey.

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