CDC has not seen emergence of a highly contagious U.S. variant of coronavirus

The Coronavirus management crew of the White House has made an alert related to the new variant of COVID-19 in the USA that could ferociously ignite the spread of the existing virus.

CDC has not seen emergence of a highly contagious U.S. variant of coronavirus
CDC has not seen emergence of a highly contagious U.S. variant of coronavirus

The management group indicated that this new variant is different from the coronavirus variant spreading in the UK and is claimed to be 70 % more transmissible than the previous one.


As stated by CNN, as per the information provided by the management force there is probably a new “USA variant” outbreak of the coronavirus. Significantly there is a drastic rise in the cases registered in the winter with double the rate of cases as in the spring and summer. This rising curve indicates that there might be the presence of a USA variant other than the UK variant that is currently escalating in the society with a transmission rate of 50 percent, said the report.


As said by the management force we need a much more assertive response to suppress the rate of aggressive spread of the virus. We need to increase more the Use of face masks and immediate vaccine shots must be introduced to as many people as we can as a part of the response. To control the exaggerated spread of the variant we need proper implementation of potent face masks (two or three plies and well-fitting) with more effectiveness and social distancing must be strictly followed against this epidemic as it can worsen the current situation, said the report.


U.S. Coronavirus Cases and Deaths

According to the report, the US has registered a high surge of 140,000-150,000 confirmed and suspected coronavirus cases per week and a total of 120,000-125,000 in patients. ” With a continued declining pace, from California across the Sunbelt and up to the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast, reporting asymptomatic testing rates during the holidays, there is significantly a hostile outspread among the community,” the management force said.


By this week, California has registered the highest number of new cases per 100,000 population followed by Arizona, Kansas, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Utah, Arkansas, West Virginia, Georgia, and Massachusetts in the top ten states.


As stated by the management force there is a requirement of quick implementation of a vaccine shot among the people and has raised an alert of ‘aggressive community spread’. With a indication of emergency across the country, Pfizer and Moderna have been given the authority by the USFDA for the vaccination drive among the people.

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