Erik Van Looy gives love to Ingrid Parewijck a second chance after a failed romance.

Erik Van Looy He Weekly Knows That The Presenter Has A Relationship With Ingrid Parewijck 1

Erik Van Looy (59) has mastered the art of deflecting questions about his personal life in recent years. As a result, it came as a surprise when he hesitantly acknowledged that he was no longer single in the first episode of ‘De Slimste Mens.’ In the meantime, it is evident that Erik is seeing Ingrid Parewijck (42). Or, more accurately, ‘together again,’ given the two have already shared a history. Meet the woman who went through a difficult period before becoming a model.

Van Looy is known for keeping his personal life discreet, but thanks to balloons in ‘De smartest mens’ and ‘De Cooke & Verhulst show,’ the public now knows that the host is dating Ingrid Parewijck (42). Between 2017 and 2020, the two were already dating, although they never attended public events together. According to reports, the two are giving it another shot.

Parewijck was one of the first Flemish models to break into the New York fashion scene. For example, the Ghent woman has been the face of Lavazza coffee and Guerlain perfume, and she has been on the covers of magazines such as ‘Elle,’ ‘Vogue,’ and ‘Marie Claire’ on numerous occasions. When she was arrested with a couple bags of cocaine at the New York airport in the summer of 2004, the model was still ridiculed. At the time, a doctor’s daughter commented, “What I did was incredibly stupid.” Stéphane Misseghers, the drummer for dEUS, Soulwax, and Vive la Fête, among others, has a 12-year-old kid with her from a prior relationship.


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