Avengers 4: So Does Thanos Actually die at the hands of Iron Man? They reveal incredible image

Avengers Infinity War Thanos Iron Man fight
Avengers Infinity War Thanos Iron Man fight

A controversial figure leaked and revealed how Iron Man would defeat Thanos in Avengers 4 and, thus, avenge the death of all his allies.

Can you imagine an ending like that? It would be the perfect one for all the fans, who have created different theories regarding the outcome that Avengers 4 will have, some believe that they will travel in time, others that Captain Marvel will be the one who defeats Thanos, on the other hand, they are imagined victorious to Iron Man.

The latter is who ended up most affected after the end of Infinity War. As you know, Iron Man had nightmares with his friends dying and, thanks to Thanos’ crack, his greatest fear became reality. He was even afraid to disappear; However, it does not happened.

During the last few days several designs have been leaking that would show different endings that Avengers 4 could have. As long as there is no official synopsis or any information about the thirst of how the latter film will develop, speculations have not stopped increasing.

Thus, the Ultraraw26 designer, through his Instagram account, made a poster that has impacted all Marvel fans. It is spectacular. The two main characters that appear are Iron Man and Thanos, rivals who fought in the first part, where the titan won; The design now shows us something totally different: the hero will be the winner.

As we can see in the illustration, I could see Iron Man carrying Thanos’ head, after an intense battle in space. The crazy titan is defeated in a brutal way, with his eyes open and an expression of terror while, Tony Stark, comes to collect his revenge.

Would you also like to see this final on the big screen?

Avengers 4: So Does Thanos Actually die at the hands of Iron Man? They reveal incredible image
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