Omicron is compelling a large number of Americans to abandon their cotton masks in favour of N95s. Australians, should they follow suit?

Cloth masks rapidly became a pandemic standard, providing a brilliant splash of colour in otherwise depressing circumstances.

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In the United States, some prominent health experts are advising people to switch from cloth masks to N95s or comparable items, citing worries that cloth masks are ineffective against the extremely pathogenic COVID-19 strain.

The modest face covering, on the other hand, is in risk of becoming Omicron’s newest fatality.

Certain establishments in the United States, such as the renowned Mayo Clinic health centre, will not admit anyone wearing a bandana or cloth mask.

According to Johns Hopkins University, 1.4 million Americans caught COVID 19 on Monday, the greatest daily total of any nation so far.

“Omicron is an extraordinarily infectious agent, maybe the most contagious disease on the planet,” said Lawrence Gostin, a Georgetown University professor of global health law and head of the World Health Organization Center on Global Health Law.


“A cloth mask is doing virtually nothing at this stage.

How to spot a fake

At the outbreak’s inception, the use of N95s was forbidden to improve supply delivery to frontline health personnel.

They are much more accessible nowadays, but so are a slew of counterfeits.

The CDC has published information on how to spot a fake, including simple tips such as scanning for misspelt words.

Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration is also conducting its own inquiry.

Although listings of authorised items are updated on a regular basis, it may still be difficult to identify whether a mask you purchased is authentic.

Professor Gostin added, “It’s been very baffling.”

“Not just the messaging is puzzling. You have relatively few regulations in place governing the promises made by firms.”

To check whether your mask is operating properly, attempt to blow out a candle while wearing it. You may run into obstacles.

Additionally, you may put on your mask and blow while putting your hand out in front of and to the sides of you.

Additionally, you may place your mask in front of a lamp to measure the amount of light passing through.

To reuse or not to reuse

While medical personnel are urged not to reuse N95s, the majority of specialists think that the masks can be re-worn numerous times by the general people.

“If they are not filthy or moist, N95s, KN95s, and KF94s may possibly be reused for approximately a week,” Sabrina Assoumou explained.

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of returning to disposable masks, scientists believe there is hope.

According to Lawrence Gostin, the globe will eventually achieve an endemic state of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

At that moment, he explained, more therapies would be available for individuals who got gravely ill, and masks would no longer be essential in all circumstances.

“There will come a day — and it will not be far away — when the primary purpose will be to keep people out of hospitals, from becoming extremely ill, and from dying,” he warned.

Dr Assoumou agreed that masks would not have to be worn indefinitely.

“I’m hopeful that instances will begin to decline and that we’ll reach a point where we don’t all have to wear protective gear and masks all the time,” she added.

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Written by Arun Sharma

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