As Scotland’s drive for unity falters, Humza Yousaf is sworn in as its leader

Humza Yousaf
Humza Yousaf

Humza Yousaf, Scotland’s new leader, took an oath of allegiance to King Charles. Humza Yousaf was sworn in as Scotland‘s next leader on Wednesday in Scotland’s highest court, the Court of Session in Edinburgh, in a ceremony that melded formal tradition with his Pakistani ancestry. He made cabinet appointments that risk exacerbating the profound tensions among his ruling party.

Mr. Yousaf is the first Muslim president of a democratic Western European country. The 37-year-old took an oath of loyalty to King Charles. He has previously stated that if he is successful in breaking Scotland’s three-century-long political union with England, he intends to replace the monarchy with an elected head of state.


Humza Yousaf sworn in as Scotland's leader as bid for unity falters - The  Globe and Mail


Mr. Yousaf narrowly won a leadership election on Monday following a tough fight that followed Nicola Sturgeon’s surprising resignation last month, which had dominated Scottish politics for over a decade.

Internal squabbles over the future of the pro-independence Scottish National Party and the country resurfaced after Yousaf’s primary opponent, Kate Forbes, resigned from the administration.


Humza Yousaf elected by MSPs as Scotland's new first minister | Politics  News | Sky News


According to the BBC and Scottish newspapers, Forbes turned down an invitation to become the minister for rural affairs and islands, a step down from her previous job as finance minister.

Former health secretary Alex Neil, who supported Forbes, called the proposed position “an insult and not a genuine effort to unite” the party. Mr. Yousaf was anticipated to award a more senior position to his leadership challenger, whom he defeated by only about 2,000 votes.


Who is Nicola Sturgeon's replacement Humza Yousaf? Family man to huge  nursery row - Mirror Online



Mr. Yousaf stated throughout his candidacy that he would abandon Sturgeon’s “inside circle” leadership style in favor of a “wide tent” approach. Forbes, who had questioned Mr. Yousaf’s record in government during the leadership campaign, reminded followers of the tightness of the race on Twitter, saying Yousaf had her “whole support.”

Mr. Yousaf said on Tuesday that Shona Robison, a longtime friend of Nicola Sturgeon, will be his deputy first minister. Additional cabinet selections are likely on Wednesday afternoon.

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