BBC Graham Norton: Crossroads’super fan’ Russell T. Davies penned the soap’s last scripts before the show was cancelled.

Graham Norton
Graham Norton

On Friday, January 20th, Russell T. Davies will visit The Graham Norton Show to discuss his latest work, Nolly, a tribute to Crossroads actress Noele Gordon. The creator of It’s a Sin admits that he was such a “big fan” of the ITV serial that he produced an entire script for it only days before it was cancelled.

After the premiere of Crossroads in 1964, Helena Bonham Carter starred as the late Noele in the three-part ITVX drama Nolly.

On The Graham Norton Show, Welshman Davies said, “The first thing I ever wrote was a script for Crossroads.” After I mailed it off, I received a welcoming invitation to Birmingham.

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Even though I was overjoyed to be there as a huge fan, I could tell that they were terrified by my presence. I went off and put together a good script, which I promptly submitted. The show was cancelled five days later. Well, I got there in the end; it only took me 40 years to write.

And Helena says, “The person who would adore it the most is Noele Gordon. A truly remarkable human being, she was a delight to know. I didn’t recognize her at first, but the writing was a gift—a love letter to her and to any performer.

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The work was stunning and amusing. She was incredibly courageous and brave in her honesty. As she stood up to the bullies, the show became like “Me Too” minus the sexual content. Absolutely everyone could use a Nolly.

When asked if she feels things are improving for women in the workplace, Helena responds, “It’s getting better.” There are many female producers and decision-makers, but I believe ageism still plays a role, especially for older women.

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