Diplomats have spoken out against Felipe Solá’s brother-in-appointment law’s to the United Nations Security Council.

Guillermo Justo Chaves was appointed as a special representative in the Permanent Mission after serving as the Foreign Ministry’s Chief of Staff.

Felipe Sola And Guillermo Justo Chaves

The appointment of Guillermo Justo Chaves, former head of the Chancellery Cabinet under Felipe Solá’s management, was rejected on Wednesday by the National Professional Association of Foreign Service (APSEN). His nomination was made public in the last few hours, following Cabinet changes enacted in the aftermath of the electoral defeat in September, which included the departure of the former Buenos Aires governor, who was replaced by Santiago Cafiero.

“The APSEN rejects the project for the appointment of a Special Representative in the Republic’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations invoking Article 6 of the Foreign Service Law, in a new subjugation of Law 20,957,” the foreign service union announced on social media.

The position as special representative in the Permanent Mission to the United Nations, based in New York, was interpreted as an honour for Justo Chaves because he is the brother-in-law of former Foreign Minister Solá, who was forced to resign when he was replaced by Cafiero in the midst of a forced Cabinet change following the PASO defeat.

The Professional Association of the Nation’s Foreign Service (APSEN) has rejected Guillermo Justo Chaves’ nomination as special representative in the Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

According to a decree signed by Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero, the appointment of Justo Chaves was made to “contribute to the permanent work carried out before the Decolonization Committee, which demands to redouble the actions aimed at the permanent claim for the sovereignty of the Argentine Republic on the Malvinas, Georgia, South Sandwich Islands, and the surrounding maritime spaces.”

Also on the global agenda are relevant issues such as climate change, the health crisis, food problems that impact public policies and the country’s future, among others, which require special attention in multilateral forums where decisions that affect the entire international community are made.

The application was criticised by Diego Guelar, the former Argentine ambassador to China: “An unnecessary and absurd appointment, we already have an ambassador to the UN and the person chosen adds no specific qualification,” he said on social media. Until now, Argentina’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations has been represented by Mara del Carmen Squeff, a career diplomat who has also served as ambassador to France and Nigeria.


Along with the appointment of Justo Chaves, Gabriel Fuks, former Secretary of Security in Sabina Frederic’s administration, was also known as the Argentine ambassador in Ecuador, a position that had been vacant since the last ambassador in that country was Daro Giustozzi, in the Change government. It is not the former Secretary of Security’s first diplomatic post: he was in charge of the White Helmets for many years during the presidential administrations of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner. The Senate has yet to approve his new assignment.

Frederic had already returned to the Government as the new leader of the White Helmets, which are under the control of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which Cafiero now leads. As a result, the former Minister of Security now holds the title of “Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador, for the sole purpose of protocol rank,” and will participate in various humanitarian missions coordinated by the Foreign Ministry.

One of its primary goals will be to actively advocate for equitable vaccine access for all Latin American countries. Furthermore, as previously stated, it will seek to establish greater dynamism based on Argentina’s cooperation and participation in the region.


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