The vice president posted a video tribute to Néstor Kirchner.

Crisdtina Fernández’s post included a video in which the former president can be seen at various points in the video, stating that “we are not in the business of politics, we are in the business of change of the country.”

Nestor Kirchner

On the 11th anniversary of the death of former President Néstor Kirchner, Vice President Cristina Fernández paid tribute to him by posting a video on Twitter with the slogan “Argentina always first,” which was followed by the date of her husband’s birth.

“Argentina is always first in the world. Néstor Kirchner was born in 1950 “on her Twitter account, the vice president expressed her thoughts on the current state of the nation.

“We are not in the business of politics, we are in the business of transformation of the country,” the former president is heard saying at several points in the film. He also says “neither give in nor kneel, go out to defend with grandeur and dignity the rights of Argentines,” among other things.

A different excerpt from the film posted by the vice president quotes the former president as saying, “We did not come for a walk, we came to govern.”

In another of the texts, Néstor Kirchner asks the following question: “Do not purchase more from the person who raises the price, because if they buy from him and he raises the price, they would assume that the Argentine people are a matter of rising and voilà. Let us demonstrate to them that they are increasing in number, that we are not purchasing from them, and that we are not purchasing from them. any”.

When Néstor Kirchner says, “Negotiate with dignity and firmness, but first and foremost, Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, it is time for Argentines to think strongly of all of us,” he is referring to one of his speeches that was reflected in a video shared by Cristina Fernández in tribute to her husband, who died on October 27, 2010.


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