A forest fire broke out in Córdoba and they suspect that it was due to the fall of a cable


Two foci were produced that are already controlled. 90 firefighters and hydrant planes worked. There are still personnel on-site performing the ash guard.

The province of Córdoba was once again hit by forest fires. This Saturday there were two major outbreaks in the area of ​​the Variante Costa Azul, very close to Villa Carlos Paz, which could be controlled in the last few hours.

90 firefighters and hydrant planes worked. The fire came very close to some houses and some families had to be evacuated due to the smoke. TN toured the area, where he could see the earth and the ashes that were still hot.

Around 5 pm this Saturday, the spotlights were controlled, and a group of firefighters remained to carry out the ashes guard.

Work was done very quickly to put out the fire and prevent it from spreading because the weather conditions were not favorable. Wind gusts were 30 kilometers per hour and at times 50 kilometers per hour.

Immediately they began to ask for help from all the firefighters who were in the areas near these two sources of fire.

The families had to be evacuated to the area of ​​route 38, but luckily no house was burned down. Also, at one point, the route had to be closed by the highway police, due to poor visibility.

Although the cause of the fires was not confirmed, the neighbors indicated that apparently what would have started the fire was the fall of a cable, precisely because of the strong gusts of wind.

This Saturday morning, the Provincial Climate Risk Secretariat warned through its Twitter account that “until next Tuesday the risk of danger for the development of forest fires throughout the provincial territory will be extreme.”

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Without active sources, firefighters stand guard over ash

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