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Actress Abigail Breslin shut down an Instagram user who chastised her for putting a face mask.

Famous for her work in the film Little Miss Sunshine, Oscar-nominated actress Abigail Breslin slammed down an online critic over her decision to wear the mask. Since her father’s death from COVID-19 last year, Breslin has emphasized the significance of wearing face masks.

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Actress Abigail Breslin shut down an Instagram user who chastised her for putting a face mask.

In a picture of her sitting in the Big Apple Coaster in Las Vegas on Monday, one Instagram user commented: “Who’s a pathetic mask-wasted loser??”

It was Breslin’s time to confront the commentator, where she replied with a comment saying: “That pathetic loser will be me, someone, who lost her father to someone who didn’t wear a mask and gave him COVID. You can go now.”

“I’m sure wearing the mask won’t save anyone’s life,” the commenter responded to Breslin’s statement adding that, “Of course, I know more than her if she thought someone who didn’t have a mask killed her father when he was actually frail. ”

Other fans and followers backed the actress and her father, but she requested that the profile be reported rather than the other way around.

“Saying that my father died because he was weak is something I won’t take,” wrote Breslin.

COVID-19 transmission is greatly reduced by wearing a face mask, according to health experts’ assertions.

Breslin reported the death of her father, Michael Breslin, at the age of 78, from COVID-19, about a year ago.

Breslin highlighted the necessity of wearing a mask when her father was first connected to a respirator.

“That’s me saying if you ask my dad: the mask is much more uncomfortable than the respirator” of the book. “So you’re gonna vomit. And put on your goddamn mask. Please. Nobody has to go through this. “

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