Look at some of the most anticipated films in 2022

The cinematic landscape in 2022 looks hopeful for Hollywood after the success of “Spider-Man: No way Home” and “No Time To Die”, and productions like “The Batman” and “Black Adam” are just around the corner .

Look at some of the most anticipated films in 2022

After a long period of uncertainty in the film industry and the spectacular reception that “Spiderman: No Way Home” and “No Time To Die” had, blockbusters will continue to arrive in 2022 as part of the most anticipated films of the year.

In 2022 the outlook looks hopeful for Hollywood, as the main production companies will bet everything with their best films since they will continue to arrive in 2022 as part of the list of most anticipated films of the year, producers such as Netflix, Amazon, and HBO will manifest their own productions.

In the catalog of this 2022 it is almost impossible to choose a few; but, we will select 10 of them.


Bruce Wayne / Batman is in his second year fighting crime; where, the antihero is exploring the corruption that exists in Gotham City and its link with his own family. In addition, he will be in conflict with a known serial killer ” The Riddler”.

The project “The Batman” began as a movie written, directed, and starring Ben Affleck, but after various circumstances related to the performance of “Justice League”, everything changed in the DC film universe.

Robert Pattison is in charge of wearing the new mantle of The Dark Knight, a film directed by Matt Reeves, who wishes to give his work an even darker approach than that manifested in the Cristopher Nolan trilogy “The Dark Knight”.

Premiere: March 4.

The Batman
The Batman


Benedict Cumberbatch returns to Marvel for the sequel to “Doctor Strange, where the Supreme Sorcerer must face a new threat that puts reality as it is known at risk. The most powerful wizard in the world, on this occasion, will have the help of Scarlet Witch and the new Marvel heroine, América Chávez.

Premiere: May 6.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness
Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness


Chris Hemsworth returns to action for a fourth installment of the god of thunder, but this time he will be in the company of Valkyrie and Jane Foster. The latter will prove that she is worthy of the power of Thor and will be able to fight side by side with the Avenger, against a being that threatens the life of the son of Odin.

Premiere: July 8.

Thor: Love And Thunder
Thor: Love And Thunder


One of Shazam’s greatest enemies will have his own movie in 2022, starring Dwayne Johnson, who will play the legendary antihero.

Premiere: July 9.

Ww 2
Black Adam By Dwayne Johnson


Tom Holland will be the protagonist of this adventure film that also seeks to strike the hearts of gamers, as the film is based on the adventure saga of Nathan Drake, from the game of the same name.



One of the most nostalgic stories is that of animated films and astronauts, but it will not be just anyone: it will be Buzz Lightyear, the main toy of the Disney and Pixar “Toy Story” saga.

Premiere: July 17, 2022.



Just one of the great blockbusters that will make more than one think about the Moon. This story of biblical proportions will premiere in February. A mysterious force knocks the Moon out of its orbit and sends it crashing directly into the Earth.

Premiere: February 4.



For many fans, ” Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse” is one of the best arachnid movies, so its sequel was highly anticipated. In this installment, we see how Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy will return to face a new threat, now from a mysterious spidey, who will be played by Oscar Isaac.

Premiere: October 7.

Spiderman Across The Spider Verse
Spider-Man: Across The Spider Verse Part I


There are many rumors that revolve around this movie, some even suggest that it could be the reboot of the DC Extended Universe; And, it is confirmed that Ezra Miller will return to play Barry Allen, the scarlet speedster in a story that is inspired by the comic book “Flashpoint”.

Ben Affleck reprises his role as Batman, as does Michael Keaton; and, in addition, it will be the debut of Sasha Calle as Supergirl.

Premiere: November 4.

The Flash
The Flash


At Marvel Studios one of the most anticipated releases is the sequel to “Black Panther”; however, it is also bittersweet after the passing of Chadwick Boseman in 2020, Wakanda must search for a new king and a new hero who will defend the dangers that inhabit the shadows.

Premiere: November 11.

Black Panther: Wakanda  - Forever
Black Panther: Wakanda – Forever


After a long period of inactivity and time that passed from the first installment, “Avatar”, by James Cameron, returns to the screens. It is necessary to remember that it has been one of the most successful films at the box office due to its impressive display of visual effects; 12 years later, Jake and Neytrí return to fight against the Na’vi and prevent a new invasion of the GDR

Premiere: November 16

Avatar Ii
Avatar Ii

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