What do I see an angel? Macarena Cortés as a fall from heaven who spends her time stealing hearts

Macarena Cortes
Macarena Cortes

The Spanish diva has the touch to innovate with selfies and the most recent one received the applause of locals and strangers.

Macarena Cortés, compared to an angel, falls short and the fact is that the Spanish woman is the owner of incomparable beauty with more than special and above all fine features that make her unique in the artistic world with which she has taken advantage of much to give her that touch of sensuality to her characters as an actress.

But she not only shines on television since her social networks are full of images worthy of admiration where Macarena Cortés herself surprises everyone. So much so that in her most recent publication of a selfie that although she seems somewhat simple, she started more than a sigh.

In the images of Macarena Cortés, you can see how her great ally in addition to her outfit is a mirror, which she used to reflect everything that makes her fans go crazy every time she goes out on the stage like when she appears on social media. The Spanish diva captured the purest essence of her life, full of passion, beauty, and above all sensuality.

But it is not the first time that Macarena Cortés does something similar, she is also an expert in the artistic world as a cartoonist has made each of the photos that she uploads tell a story, and each and every one of them having her as the main star.

Cortes | Geekybar
Macarena Cortés In Her Maximum Splendor In Her Social Networks | Photo: Instagaram Macarena Cortés (@Macarenacortes_)

It is not a secret that you take care of your figure and it is that it is one of the most powerful weapons that you have at the moment of being the sensation in networks and with that care you can also enjoy the results each visit to the beaches when wearing swimsuits or simply like the sessions we are talking about today, at home and with a simple mirror that makes everything look more professional thanks to their experience.

Curiously, social networks, for now, have not done it justice as they should, and is that despite having high-quality content she does not have the millions of followers that other accounts do, the Spanish diva barely exceeds 14 thousand.


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