This is the perfect chocolate, according to science

Experts made an ideal chocolate, taking into account the demand of thousands of people around the world.

pexels photo 7311919
pexels photo 7311919

Consuming chocolate is something that everyone loves, beyond its sweet or bitter taste. And if you thought that the perfect candy did not exist, we will tell you what the perfect chocolate looks like according to science. Is that a group of scientists focused on different surveys to find out what they like most about chocolate, how it melts in the mouth, and what type of sweetness or degree of bitterness is the most demanded?

Consequently, after using a 3D printer, a 72% cocoa chocolate was manufactured, whose benefits do not only lie in the taste. It is that chocolate that has more than 70% of bitter cocoa will present different health benefits. According to experts, consuming chocolate will help counteract the high blood sugar levels that affect diabetes. Therefore, consuming a small portion first thing in the morning will lower blood glucose throughout the day.

As for the perfect tasting chocolate, it was created during a project led by physicist Corentin Coulais. The confection was subjected to a series of tests once molded, such as observing how these spiral-shaped pieces of chocolate broke in the mouth. From this test carried out by science, it was concluded that the pieces of chocolate that presented more complex spirals were divided into more pieces.

The next step in the study was the tasting, discovering that the more complex the spiral, the crunchier it was and the more consumers liked it. According to the investigation, two circumstances come into play in this characteristic: the creaking and the sound it causes when doing so. So the perfect chocolate should have these characteristics.

Following this line, the perfect chocolate according to science has nothing to do with any tablet or chocolate bar that we can imagine. That is why it is estimated that this new product, considered a flavor revolution, will go on sale in the short term.

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