Mumbai Cruise Drugs Case: Aryan Khan Arrested For Extortion Or Just Publicity? Full Story of NCB Chargesheet

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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Mumbai Cruise Drugs Case:

Actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan has got a clean chit from NCB in the Cordelia Cruises drugs case. NCB’s SIT filed a 6000-page charge sheet in the special NDPS court, in which NCB said that they did not find any such evidence based on which Aryan Khan’s name could be put on the charge sheet.

It has been revealed in the charge sheet of the Cordelia Cruise Drugs Case that Arbaaz Merchant was told by Aryan Khan not to bring drugs. NCB has also made it clear that they have not found any such evidence to prove that Aryan Khan had links with the International Drugs Syndicate and that he had any conspiracy in this matter.

The statement made by Aryan Khan voluntarily in front of an NCB officer during the cruise drugs episode has been mentioned in the charge sheet filed by the NCB. Aryan Khan had told his address of Mannat Bandstand in Bandra. Aryan Khan recorded his reply to NCB officer Ashish Ranjan. In his statement, Aryan Khan gave his two mobile numbers. One number (India’s number) he uses for conversation and the other number for WhatsApp. The number used for WhatsApp is from America.

Aryan consumed ganja for the first time in 2018

Aryan Khan admitted in front of NCB officer Ashish Ranjan that he first consumed ganja in the year 2018, since then he has been consuming ganja. In the year 2018, Aryan was doing his graduation in America. Aryan told the officer that he could not sleep at that time and had read on the internet that consuming ganja could provide a cure for sleeplessness, after which he started taking ganja.

Aryan told, me he has known Arbaaz Merchant for the last seven-eight years. Arbaaz consumes ganja and hashish (charas). He does not like hashish very much but he has also consumed charas sometimes at the behest of Arbaaz. He reached the Green Gate of Ballard Pier in a Mercedes car along with his friend Prateek, Manav, and Arbaaz. The driver of that Mercedes car was someone named Mishra.

Aryan did not find any kind of drugs 

Aryan told, he had reached the cruise terminal for a group party around one and a half in the afternoon. Arbaaz had told that he is going to bring laughter on the cruise. On 2 October 2021, Aryan Khan was stopped by Ashish Ranjan Prasad, Intelligence Officer of the Narcotics Control Department while crossing the checking point of the International Cruise Terminal. Aryan Khan was also introduced to Sameer Wankhede and told that he is the Gazetted Officer of NCP. Along with this, Aryan Khan was also told about his rights under the NDPS Act. This investigation was done with Aryan Khan but no kind of drug was found from Aryan. Aryan Khan handed over his mobile phone to the NCB officer of his own free will.

After checking some messages on Aryan’s phone, the officer asked if he knew Arbaaz Merchant. To which Aryan said ‘yes’. When asked if he knew about Narcotics drugs? To which Aryan said that he consumes narcotic drugs but only ganja and hashish. Aryan Khan told in his statement that in front of him, Arbaaz Merchant handed over a small quantity of charas from him NCB officer Ashish Ranjan. Aryan told that the hashish, which was recovered from Arbaaz, was brought for consumption on the cruise. These drugs have been procured from Arbaaz, who lives in Bandra. After this, the NCB officials tested the charas with a testing kit and sealed that charas.

WhatsApp drugs chat

Aryan Khan told in his statement that after that he and his friends were thoroughly examined in a cabin. After some time notice was given under section 67 of NDPS and asked to give his statement voluntarily. When Aryan Khan was asked about the WhatsApp drugs chat, Aryan Khan admitted that the chats with NCB were done by him. Aryan reveals that he has a chat with his friend Achit Kumar which is about a poker game and drugs. Aryan also told me that Achit Kumar owes me 80 thousand rupees which he was unable to pay. In return, Aryan had asked for more quantity of ganja from him. Achit Kumar knew the drug supplier of Bandra and Powai area and that is why he could have provided drugs to Aryan.

Based on his confession about drugs on WhatsApp chat, drugs were found from Arbaaz Merchant, a close friend with whom Aryan was going to share the room, NCB Mumbai superintendent Vishwa Vijay Singh NDPS Aryan Khan Shown arrested on 3 October 2021 at 2 pm under different sections. Aryan Khan was informed about his arrest and was given an arrest memo which was signed by Aryan Khan. Aryan informed his family members about this arrest. The report of this arrest was submitted by NCB officer Vishwa Vijay Singh to NCB Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede.

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