Thelma Fardin confirmed when the trial of Juan Darthés will be: “I asked not to have eye contact”

Years after his complaint against the actor for rape, he spoke of the criticism he received at the time and how the case continues.

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Thelma Fardín confirmed that on November 30 the trial will begin against Juan Darthés , the actor whom she denounced for an episode of rape during a tour of Ugly Duckling in Nicaragua in 2009. Three years after having made her case public, the actress She revealed that she felt privileged that her demand “did not come to nothing . ”

Thelma Fardin confirmed when the trial of Juan Darthés will be: "I asked not to have eye contact"

In dialogue with Los Angeles a la Mañana, the young woman gave the date on which she will have to meet the accused again, and spoke about how she prepares , mentally and with some requests to the court , to be able to witness that moment of the less painful way.

“There is nothing that can overcome the pain of the fact. My life could not continue because there was something that was not resolved. I never came across it again and I’m going to ask not to have eye contact. I can’t imagine it. I’m going to testify first and if I want to, I’ll listen to the witnesses, ”he said first, referring to various details of how the trial will be.

In addition, she assured that she feels really privileged because her case went so far, since most do not prosper in the same way. “ We started in Nicaragua because the crimes were reported there. Getting to Brazil was difficult to think about. These three years were hard, but having a trial date is a privilege, “he explained.

Thelma Fardin confirmed when the trial of Juan Darthés will be: "I asked not to have eye contact"
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On the other hand, Thelma Fardín spoke about the video with which she made her case public and revealed that she had never imagined that she would have that impact.

But also, he revealed that he did not heed the criticism since he had not seen him again. “ I thought it was better to do it like that, I wanted to be me and not be asked by anyone. I never saw him again ”, clarified the actress.

Then, she commented that Juan Manuel Guilera , her ex-boyfriend who was also her partner in Patito Feo, will be one of the witnesses in the trial , since at the time of the episode he was with them in Nicaragua to participate in the tour.

Near the end of the interview, he opened up about what the bond he had with Darthés was like before the abuse and what image he had of him.
Thelma Fardin confirmed when the trial of Juan Darthés will be: "I asked not to have eye contact"

“It was hello and bye. When I reported him I had to google his age. For me he was a man, a co-worker. We greeted each other with a kiss -on the cheek-. But I have the memory of big women saying to take care of him, ”he said.

To close, he explained what his expectations were for the trial on November 30 and how much he hopes to reach the end of this matter. “ I want him to end the sentence. I would be satisfied if the judge echoes what the experts say. I don’t think about the moment when he goes to jail, it has more to do with me, “he explained.

“ I need to turn the page. That there is a date for me is very liberating. Sometimes I think what the judge is going to say. I walk the quiet street and he had to go ”, he closed.

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