The truth behind the sensual photos of Erika Buenfil and Emmanuel Polomares

The actors showed great chemistry in front of the cameras

The truth behind the sensual imagery of Erika Bowenville and 696x364 1
The truth behind the sensual imagery of Erika Bowenville and 696x364 1

Erika Buenfil and Emmanuel Palomares became the envy of their followers after appearing very close and sensual on social networks.

The actors drew attention for a photo session they shared on Instagram and some videos posted on their respective TikTok accounts, where they danced, pretended to kiss and even hugged very intimately.

It was precisely these behaviors that set off the alarms between them, but after a closer review it is observed that everything is part of the excellent relationship they have and a collaboration they did for a magazine.

Both were included in the list of “The 50 most beautiful” of People en Español and coincided in the photo sessions for the publication.

Although it is all about work, the chemistry that the couple, made up of the 57-year-old actress and the 27-year-old actor, showed in front of the camera cannot be denied and they also published several very close videos that aroused suspicions in your surroundings.

In many of the images of the publication in Spanish they are seen hugging and very close, but in the audiovisuals they are seen more united than ever. And it should be noted that in most of the shared materials Palomares looked very sensual without a shirt.

“Of those photos”, wrote the protagonist of Mexican melodramas next to emoticons of kisses, to show her encounter with the young actor and it was what aroused the envy of her 3.9 million followers.

“Both of them are very beautiful”, “You are with Erika Buenfil”, “What’s going on, tell them”, “I want your place”, “She is happy”, “How envious”, among other things, the fans commented.

Palomares raised spirits by responding to the Instagram post with images of flames.

In the short recordings exposed on TikTok, the images were similar. The actors appeared coordinated to dance very sensual, exchange hugs and kisses, which revealed more of the close relationship they have.

Pleito en Televisa! Érika Buenfil confronta a guapo actor y lo cachetea |  TRIBUNA

Erika Buenfil is currently recording the telenovela produced by Rosy Ocampo, Vencer el Past, alongside Angelique Boyey and Sebastián Rulli.

This melodrama began its filming on April 8; the plot of this production will revolve around digital lynching and the abuse of social networks; Although the premiere date has not yet been specified, it will be broadcast on El Canal de las Estrellas in the second half of 2021 and will occupy the 8:30 p.m. schedule.

Arantza Ruiz will play Mariluz; Africa Zavala will play Fabiola, the antagonist of this melodrama; the role of Javier will be played by Ferdinando Valencia; Horacio Pancheri will play Alfonso, a molecular biologist; Matías Novoa’s character is called Claudio and Leticia Perdigón will play Sonia.

It is part of the “Vencer” trilogy, which has been under the command of the Mexican production company and in which Emmanuel Palomares had collaborated as a common thread between Vencer el Fiedo and Vencer el Desamor , despite this, the Venezuelan will no longer work at the side of Buenfil because it was not contemplated.

Noticias de Erika Buenfil | En pareja

“This is where ‘Gael’ ends, now, we’re not going to be Overcoming the Past , it seems like a pretty wise decision,” he commented a few weeks ago in an interview with Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo.

“I took this challenge with all the responsibility, with all the commitment and all the passion, I will feel grateful to Rosy Ocampo and Silvia Cano for entrusting me with these characters who will remain with me in my memory, characters, who, like everything I do I put my passion in it ”, he added.

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