The story of why Televisa fired Adamari López and replaced her with Aracely Arámbula

Puerto Rican host and actress tells the story of when the television station took away the role she had won and made her cry a lot …

Aracely Arambula
Aracely Arambula

The beautiful and charismatic television host Adamari López has struggled to get where she is and has had obstacles along the way that she has managed to overcome. One of them was the veto he had to face with the Televisa network, which decided to cancel his debut in a telenovela, despite the fact that he had won the casting of stars of the stature of Aracely Arámbula and Iran Castillo. Here all the history and other emblematic cases.

The ex-partner of Toni Costa was going to make her debut in the Mexican company in 1997 playing Verónica Castro as a young man in the melodrama “Pueblo chico, infierno grande”, but was finally rejected for reasons beyond her control. What happened?

“I did casting with Aracely Arámbula and with Iran Castillo, they were two of the figures that were already trading in Mexico, who were graduates of the CEA (Televisa Art Education Center), who had such importance within the same company and who would understand I said that they were going to look at them more because they were graduates of CEA. They did not know me ,  said the host of the morning program” Hoy día, “on Telemundo, in a talk with publicist Joe Bonilla.

Adamari López was surprised to get the role and was excited about entering the mecca of soap operas. “They gave me the role. I came to take classes at the CEA, I started training classes to soften my Puerto Rican accent and neutralize it, they made me a makeover … They were starting to do the paperwork because they understood that the role was mine, “he recalled, indicating that everything I was ready to start recording the soap opera.


The dream of debuting on Televisa was cut short from one moment to the next, when the company realized that some of the soap operas in which it had participated in its native Puerto Rico had been broadcast on TV Azteca, Televisa’s competition, which it was unforgivable at the time.

“Upon realizing this conflict of interest, they asked me to immediately withdraw from the channel and gave the role to Aracely Arámbula,” Adamari said in one of his books . “Appearing on the other channel automatically turned you into a kind of persona non grata. That experience brought me down from the clouds with a single thunderclap. I cried a lot, “she adds

Aracely Arámbula replaced Adamari López in melodrama. (Photo: Instagram / Aracely Arambula)
Aracely Arámbula replaced Adamari López in melodrama. (Photo: Instagram / Aracely Arambula)


Televisa, shortly after, decided to remove the veto from Adamari López, who was able to debut on the famous television station, which exported its soap operas. The Puerto Rican actress got her first role in the melodrama “Sin ti”, where she had one of the main roles as part of the youth cast. The story premiered in December 1997.

“They did a restructuring, I imagine, within the company and removed the vetoes of people who perhaps thought they would not work again, mine was one of them,” said the Puerto Rican actress and host.

The story of why Televisa fired Adamari López and replaced her with Aracely Arámbula

After “Sin ti”, there were other productions in the company that made Adamari famous internationally. In 1998 she was the villain of “Camila”, starring Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo and a couple of years later she joined the cast of “Locura de amor”, which was followed by “Amigas y Rivales”, where she was one of the stellar actresses.

Between 2002 and 2003, however, López acted in “La Gata”, in Venezuela; and, in 2004, he returned to Televisa with “Mujer de Madera”.

Other works on that television station were “Under the reins of love” (2007) and “Alma de Hierro” (2008). Already with Telemundo, Adamari participated in La Fan in 2017, and since then she has not returned to melodramas.


Televisa has also vetoed other stars such as its great figures such as Lucía Méndez, Verónica Castro and Lucero.

Verónica traveled to Argentina to record some soap operas, something that was not to the liking of Televisa, so for a while she disappeared from the company’s channels, but the conflicts were fixed and in 1986 she returned through the big door with “Rosa Salvaje”.

Lucía Méndez’s problem was that in 1992 she recorded “Marielena” on Telemundo and the soap opera was broadcast on TV Azteca. For more than a decade he did not appear again on Televisa, until in 2007 he acted in “Amor sin makeup.”

Lucero also went through Telemundo after her sudden departure from Televisa in 2014, but then returned to the channel that saw her born. The youth star Danna Paola, was vetoed by the television station, which cut her appearance at the Premios Juventud, last August. The reason would be that I reject some papers with the Mexican chain.

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