Suzy Cortez impresses in the nets by posing beautifully in a swimsuit

The sensational Brazilian model enjoyed a beautiful trip to look beautiful with a swimsuit and a crop top in white

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image 1 53

São Paulo, Brazil.- Suzy Cortez , one of the sweetest and most beautiful models in the state of São Paulo, captivated on social networks by seeing herself in a sensational way in little garment. The young Brazilian made a very sweet trip to wear a white crop top, as well as a swimsuit that detailed her most beautiful attributes.

Suzy, who is a soccer fan and also a beautiful woman, left her more than 33.3K followers on Instagram with a square eye for the way it was perceived in her photograph, which she shared with a very adorable look as well as each of its accessories.

The beauty that could be observed in the image of Suzy Cortez was so much that just over half of her followers of her social network commented on her photo, which they described as “divine woman, sensational lady, super beautiful and a queen” the wonderful Brazilian.

The 31-year-old girl has achieved a fantastic figure by virtue of being a lover of exercise and at the same time maintaining a balanced diet. Every time she is in an elegant meeting, her different expensive dresses detail the beautiful lady that she is and her personality shows her qualities, which make her unique.

In addition to continuing to travel to various Brazilian sites and around the American continent, Suzy has set the example that the Covid-19 pandemic situation has not yet ended, given that in her current photographs, in addition to stealing the hearts of the public, she puts the example of continuing to wear the mask and maintaining a healthy distance.

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Combining a pink sports outfit, she made it possible to see how phenomenally she maintains her arms and legs thanks to exercise, but as the first objective for her people, to maintain their pertinent care so as not to get infected and thus they can enjoy their stay and their various routes, either individually. or together.

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Suzy Cortez enjoys looking forward to finding a way to win the love of her fans on social media. Just as she looks so cute and beautiful, she motivates and encourages her people to follow in her footsteps so that they can accompany her in having a very sweet life, and at the same time achieve many virtues as she has done thanks to her merits and efforts.

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Written by Leena Wadia

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 9 years.


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