Jimena Sánchez marvels social networks when posing with a cute dark body

The sports host enjoyed the good weather during the day to go out to wear a black bodysuit that the whole internet loved

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Mexico City.- Jimena Sánchez , the magnificent and adored model and sports host of the sports network Fox Sports, fell in love with more than 8.3 million followers on Instagram in a few hours after a beautiful photograph where she is perceived posing under the rays out of the sun, and wearing a beautiful dark outfit.

Jime, who has been contemplating a statuesque figure for a long time and who has cataloged her as the Mexican Kim Kardashian, showed how divine she is by wearing a tight black bodysuit while her beautiful arms were softening her hair, and the rays of the sun they illuminated each of her beautiful attributes.

Her way of posing and looking like a princess, Jimena Sánchez generated that her social profile will be filled with thousands of red hearts in her image and hundreds of comments from her fans. His photo reaches 929 messages so far and each one with words of charm.

Among them, it was possible to observe the presence of the journalist from the same Fox Sports company, María Fernanda Mora, who maintains a beautiful friendship and communication with Jimena, after having hosted the channel’s Central Fox program at certain times.

Sánchez has been working remotely for more than a year and a half in view of the fact that the company tries to protect all its workers due to the issue of the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, she has shown how happy she is at home by exercising, hosting her WWE Saturday Night show, and taking several photos in cute sporty and stylish outfits.

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Meanwhile, in her free moments, she wants to go out into the landscape and be able to live a little longer while maintaining her respective care. Going to the sports club, the young model decided to go play tennis and at the same time took a picture with her best clothes and holding her work tool, the tennis racket to start her match.

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Jimena Sánchez is very happy living in the Capital and even more so when she spends time with her partner, the singer Tis Zombie. When she is alone at home, she shows off her greatest love and thought for the American football franchise, the Las Vegas Raiders, with various silver and black outfits, looking as beautiful as ever and much more.

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