Sophie Dee poses in the pool, dripping wet, in one of her most stunning looks yet.

To date, Dee’s post has received over 185 thousand likes.

Sophie Dee 1

Sophie Dee drew the attention of her tens of millions of Instagram followers after posting two photographs of herself in a skimpy bathing suit.

Since she was near a pool, the model opted to take the two images while dripping wet, fully enraging her followers.

When Sophie appears in the first photograph, she is all smiles and gorgeous blue eyes, as well as a scorching black bikini that shows off her wonderful assets.

Sophie Dee

It’s still standing on its side, but it’s not crossing its leg as it was in the first picture, and its mouth is slightly open.

We were left with a description in which the socialite asked us which photo we preferred, and many of her fans were quick to respond with both.


Already, Dee’s post has amassed over 185 thousand likes and thousands of comments from her adoring followers who are thrilled by her photographs.




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